Overseeing Kingdom Elders

Overseeing Kingdom Elders Defined

When Paul directed Timothy to appoint overseers in 1Tim 3:1-7, consistent with all that Jesus spoke about the Kingdom in the gospels, he was directing him to appoint overseers over His whole Kingdom, not just the Church. The description of an overseer here and in many places in the Bible indicate very clearly that these overseers would be elders in the faith like Moses appointed just before His People came into the Promised Land / Kingdom (Ex 18:13-26). Now that God has matured His People to the point where they are able to take greater dominion than then, in addition, I believe this time we are to appoint overseeing elders in Kingdom order such that there is also a clear path of succession and the ability to pass on the increasing inheritance of His Kingdom.

The Purpose of This Website

The first purpose of this website is to provide an opportunity for potential Kingdom Elders who live within a particular county within the United States, who believe they are called to become overseers for the Kingdom of God on earth, to find each other.

The second is to help them and other potential Kingdom Elders to come into true Godly covenantal relationship with each other.

The third is to help them then to begin to do the same for all other potential Kingdom Elders within their county at all levels of geographically based Kingdom community from hamlet (city block) to village (neighborhood), town and city.

National Overseeing Kingdom Elders

The section of this website called WEBSITE HISTORY is the content of the first one page version of this website.  Although it was only available for a few weeks before this second version it has been my hope, and still is, that there are a few potential Kingdom Elders who will come together under God’s sovereign direction to form an initial national oversight network and who will start by overseeing this initiative and the future development of this website.  It also introduces the whole Gospel of the Kingdom of God and why I believe that its King, Jesus, intends to establish it starting with bringing many Kingdom Elders into Godly order and covenantal relationship.

The County Level Overseeing Kingdom Elders Network

Ultimately, I believe that Kingdom Elders will provide oversight and care at every level of Kingdom defined community and not at the levels of world defined governmental / legal jurisdiction.  However, currently lacking Kingdom order understanding and full involvement, Christians have become mostly worldly ordered and overseen and cared for by civil / worldly government.  However, as with civil government, one of the major dimensions of Kingdom oversight is geographic and counties provide the most logical and consistent units of local geography to begin Kingdom order with, unlike say, municipalities, which can be quite disparate in their geographic size.

Further, they are local enough that a full team of overseeing Kingdom Elders can assemble together face to face to first bring covenantal order and unity among themselves and then to help establish full Kingdom oversight order within their county and when a fully functional Kingdom oversight order has been established both below and above their county level, they can disband themselves as a team.

The Bottom Up Overseeing Kingdom Elder Network

Eventually, as one of the most essential aspects of Jesus developing His Kingdom, He will not only establish the overseeing Kingdom Elder Network, but expand it to contain all Kingdom Elders and then all Christians.  However, it is a premise of this website that He has ordained that the bottom up, hierarchical, overseeing Kingdom Elder network be established first such that “covenant and order” is in place for the full network to be established, developed and maintained in a healthy and orderly manner under its  protective and caring oversight.  Of course, I am also using the term “network” for now for lack of a better term, for what this website is intended to help form. In future, my hope is to find more Biblical, Kingdom oriented terms to describe the nature of the future “oneness” of Jesus’ body described in John 17.

At the lowest level of community, the “hamlet” level of ten households, I believe that each overseeing Kingdom Elder is to be “lifted up” into the lowest level of a bottom up hierarchy of authority (not power) by unanimous agreement by those Christians who want to be overseen by them because they are the most wise, honorable, and caring Kingdom Elder in their hamlet and best represents the kind of Christian that they desire to become like.  At higher levels of community (village, town, city, etc.), one overseeing Kingdom Elder would be unanimously lifted up from among them to oversee those ten overseeing Kingdom Elders. This process will be considered in much more detail by those twelve (ten, plus one overseeing Kingdom Elder, plus his future successor) overseeing Kingdom Elder candidates in future.

Overseeing Kingdom Eldership Registration

This section of the website called REGISTER is intended only for potential Kingdom Elders who believe they may be called by God to be overseers at the county level, consistent with what 1 Tim 3:1-7 says about overseer qualifications, particularly them very much wanting to serve Jesus and His People in this way.  Other Christians, including other potential Kingdom Elders, who have come to the point where they truly want to “seek first the Kingdom of God” (Matt 6:33) are encouraged to monitor this website and especially their county’s Current County Level Overseeing Kingdom Elder Registry to keep up on the network’s development in their county.  Of course, if they know someone who might be a qualified overseeing Kingdom Elder, hopefully they will encourage them to register.

Consistent with my belief that God will eventually honor all full teams of twelve overseeing elders at each level of community, it is my intention that this national registry, which will be available for all to see, will ultimately always only contain the names and contact information for the twelve elders whom God intends to come into covenant relationship with each other, or who have come into complete covenant relationship with each other, so that once this has been accomplished by them, other potential overseeing Kingdom Elders within their county can begin to contact them with assurance that they are God’s choice as their county’s overseeing Kingdom Elders.

Current County Level Overseeing Kingdom Elder Register

In future, my hope is that this section of the website called REGISTRY will contain the list of all those who have registered as potential overseeing Kingdom Elders, listed first by country, then state, then county, then by city, then by current covenantal status and then alphabetically by name.  The list then includes the email address of those registered to enable initial contact by others.

Although I believe that God intends to establish the overseeing Kingdom Elder network in the United States first, and I live here, I included the country field because I wanted to make this website useful to any elders whom God leads to do the same in their country.

The Initial Content of This Website

As with the content of the whole website, the initial content of the following paragraphs reflects fully what I believe God has given me to write.  However, as soon as possible, after the formation of a national team of overseeing Kingdom Elders, the content will begin to reflect the consensus of the whole team.  It will also include a history of their own experience of establishing and developing their own covenantal relationships.  Initially, it will also include some of the experiences of the first teams that seek my personal help in doing so, though there is no “requirement” for using this website to do so.

Prayer Considerations Before Deciding to Register

In the WEBSITE HISTORY section, I indicated that I believed that Jesus, our King, is soon going to bring about a great reformation of His Kingdom with a great deal of involvement of His People after many generations of His preparation of us and that He would start that reformation with the assembling together of some of His senior Christians as overseeing Kingdom Elders, not just to learn and teach about the full gospel of His Kingdom but to function as a foundational model of His Kingdom and to oversee the orderly assembling and functioning of all of His People.  Further, I expected that those who believe that Jesus has called them to serve Him and His People as overseeing Kingdom Elders, who believe that they have been prepared by Him for many years, have a similar belief about that reformation, and believe they are to commit the rest of their lives to playing an initial role in bringing about that reformation.  Now, I believe that He would have them register as  candidates on this website as potential county level overseers as their initial response to that calling so that they can begin to join others who have a similar calling.

As I also believe that it is the first role of the initial teams of overseeing Kingdom Elders to further envision what the Kingdom of God will be like in the future and what Jesus’ further commands are to bring about that reformation, it is not an additional purpose of this website to do so.  That is, I believe bringing about the Kingdom and its reformation is not primarily teaching knowledge about the Kingdom but beginning to become the Kingdom under Jesus’ direction to covenantally united, mature, wise Elders in His Kingdom.

Covenantal Relationships Between County Level Overseeing Kingdom Elders

This main page section begins to indicate some of the written material that I intend to provide to help potential county level overseeing Kingdom Elders to initially establish and develop covenantal relationships with each other and begin to fulfill the second purpose of this website.

So far, I have developed written material to assist the twelve potential Kingdom Elders to finally decide that their Lord intends that particular group of them to come into full covenantal relationship.  This material includes encouragement that some of their members begin to develop dialogs and meditations themselves.  I believe that the best way to briefly indicate the nature and content of this material is to list the “table of content” as follows:

  • Our Initial Apostolic Message Concerning Kingdom Life in This New Millennium
  • Introduction to Kingdom Life Guidance Documentation
  • Offer to Assist in Establishing Kingdom Life Preparation Groups
    • Article 1 – Introduction to Kingdom Life Preparation Groups
    • Article 2 – The Church as Networks of Word Commanded Relationships
    • Article 3 – Kingdom Elders
    • Article 4 – My Discontinuing These Articles for Now
  • Truly Knowing the Word of God
    • Introduction
    • Dialog One – A Preparation Dialog
    • Dialog Two – Knowing Who the Word of God is?
    • Dialog Three – Knowing the Written Manifestation of the Word of God
    • Dialog Four – Knowing the Purpose of the Word of God
    • Dialog Five – Knowing the True Word of God
    • Dialog Six – Coming to Know the Language and Speech of the Word of God
    • Dialog Seven – The Various Literary Forms, Structures and Orderings of the Word of God
    • Dialog Eight – Knowing the Word of God as King
  • Meditations on the Imperative Word of God
    • Introduction
    • Meditation One – Kingdom Elders
    • Meditation Two – Kingdom Covenant Advancement
    • Meditation Three – Living Together Eternally in One Gloriously
    • Meditation Four – The Initial Kingdom Covenant System
    • Meditation Five – Establishing a Local Kingdom Economy
  • Next Reformation of God’s Kingdom Vision
  • Kingdom Reformation Program

The Community Level Overseeing Kingdom Elder Network

This main page section will begin to indicate how I might help county level overseeing Kingdom Elders establish the overseeing Kingdom Elders network at the various levels of community within their own county and to begin to fulfill the third purpose of this website.