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Re-forming the Kingdom of God

In this new millennium, our King is beginning to truly re-form His Kingdom now that some of His People are mature and wise enough to play a major role in that task.

By Kent Stiles

This past year, we celebrated the 500th year of what was called the Protestant Reformation with an emphasis on the institutional Church, but what really was that of the whole of Christendom, the name given to God’s Kingdom centered in Europe at the time. In reality, I believe we can look back and see that God was really just causing the first very major breakdown of, by then, the very corrupted order of Christendom established by Him a millennium and a half before, with very terrible immediate results.

After 500 more years, at the beginning of what some Christian scholars believe is the beginning the seventh, or sabbath, millennium after creation, at a time when humanity has multiplied and filled the earth and has been given an amazing amount of physical dominion over His creation, with those of His People who are now mature and wise enough to play a priestly and vice-regal role in its development and operation, He is now truly going to re-form His Kingdom under His appointed High King starting with the now nearly completely disintegrated remains of the old order.

As the Bible records, the climactic New Covenantal re-forming of the Kingdom of God, which occurred at the beginning of the fifth millennium after creation, started very modestly with just a few of the remnant of God’s people from the Old Covenantal order, whom God called specifically to do so. However, it was quickly, and very forcefully resisted by many who had a great vested interest in keeping the corrupt, disintegrating old order in place, with terrible immediate results.

Therefore, I would encourage those who have come to faith about the long term, wonderful blessings that will result from this new covenantal re-ordering that is about to occur, but who are not yet called to participate, to stay in the old order for now and support their brothers and sisters there with them and to pray earnestly for those few who are called to initiate (true apostles) and develop (true prophets) this new covenantal order that will begin the re-formation of the Kingdom of God. They can also begin to “seek first the kingdom of God…” (Matt 6:33) for themselves and their household and speak of the “…gospel of the kingdom…” (Matt 4:23, 9:35, 24:14, Mk 1:14) with others.

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