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Kingdom Reformation

It is my expectation that the few who will find this website will have been discipled by Jesus all of their lives for this calling and will have been prompted by the Holy Spirit to search for specific Kingdom related words and phrases that are not usually used, if ever, in other Christian websites that are focused on individual Christian life, rather than the future corporate Christian life, particularly the phrase Kingdom Elders.

Kingdom Covenant

After many years of meditation and prayer I have come to believe that Jesus, our King, is going to bring a new and perfect unity and order amongst Christians the way that He started to do 2000 years ago with his twelve disciples, where He discipled them concerning how to be the initial model of the Kingdom, rather than just teach them how to preach about the Christian life.  I believe my calling is to assist Our King in bringing this next initial group of twelve mature elder brothers into the same kind of covenantal relationship that He did then in order first to empower them to begin the process of Kingdom reformation, even across the whole world.

Kingdom Foundation

Just like the original twelve men, I believe that the twelve that He will initially bring together will be called to start the reformation of His Kingdom by forming a new foundation completely separate from any current institutional structures that have been associated with Christianity in the past such as institutional churches, denominations, parachurch organizations, etc., and in a way that will be much more Biblically sound than any of these, starting with being protected and overseen by mature, wise elders who have been lifted up and recognized by those whom they oversee as being qualified to do so by the loving covenantal relationship they have with each other and with His People.

Kingdom Community

It is expected that after some time of forming this God ordained covenant relationship with each other and demonstrating to each other that it is truly the time in history that God intends to bring all of His People into the unity that He promised for this life in John 17 (the gospel of the Kingdom), they will begin to help in forming additional more localized Kingdom Elder teams, who will then go through the same process of development until there are teams of Kingdom Elders serving every level of geographically based community within His worldwide Kingdom, starting with serving the Christians within that community.

Kingdom Vision

Over the years, God has given me what I believe is an outline of a complete vision of what His Kingdom will be like in the future and something of what I hope to do initially, as part of discipling the initial team of Kingdom Elders, that is, to facilitate them in coming to a common, very comprehensive corporate Kingdom vision and then a vision of their place and calling in bringing that vision to pass. Having done so, I am expecting that then they will come to see that their unity is based in that common vision, not in intellectually defined theology.

Model Kingdom Formation

Although I am a Biblically qualified (overseer) elder myself, I will only act as the contact and facilitator for this initial model Kingdom team, I will not be a member myself and whether a particular man becomes one of the initial twelve will first be determined by him and then by each of the other eleven, as they seek God in forming their covenant relationships with each other.  If there are those who are not called to be members of the initial team, I will also maintain contact with any other men who come forward as Our King may intend them eventually to become members of future teams.  Again, it will be their Holy Spirit given power that will determine whether any of these teams have the grace to successfully form a fully covenanted team.

Initial Kingdom Membership

Before you contact me, please consider the nature, depth and length of the discipleship that Jesus provided to His twelve disciples in order to get those twelve men to where they together truly displayed their love for Him, for each other, for His People and for the world, and that even then one had to be destroyed and replaced by the Holy Spirit, not by any of the choice of the other eleven.